What GogoMath Does?

GogoMath is a mobile application that helps children practice math skills during gaming.


Working through the levels helps students gain a solid understanding of math basics step by step.

Learning math has never

Based on a proven Japanese method

Gamified math learning program

Math skills improved in 10 minutes


How GogoMath Works?

  • Based on a proven Japanese method

We designed this App based on a proven Japanese method, which allows kids to master each concept at their own pace and build mathematic skills.

  • Gamified math learning program

Gamification turns fear into fun. We give them challenges and give them reasons to be inspired, motivated and re-activated.

  • Math skills improved in 10 minutes

10-minute a day with GogoMath​ helps children build and advance their mathematics skills notably.

Kids will encounter challenges and solve problems, while they gain mental math skills, which would increase their math performance. 


This app is amazing because it makes you learn math it educates you! my daughter LOVES IT. I just showed her and she is in love with it. She wants to do this every day! 

It was good but it needs a little bit harder questions toward the end but overall the app was great..

GogoMath is a very good game and it helps the brain to work out stuff independently. 

Ready to learn math easily?

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