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Math Learner
Simple Math Games

Calculation Games

Arm your child with the required skills to tackle math problems with ease.


Math Learner covers a range of math games –  add/subtract and multiply/divide calculations by integers, decimals, and fractions. The games are designed in versatile methods, in order to reinforce your child's understanding.

  • Versatile math games

Apart from simple calculations, Math Learner also provides math games like time reading, comparisons, filling missed numbers and so forth. While playing, your child naturally builds math confidence through these practices.

  • Tailored practice for all levels

From kindergarten pupils to 5th graders, Math learner has every child's game prepared. You may start from preschool levels or certain level that fits your kid's age and grade.

  • Natural gaming interaction

With our advanced AI techniques, children may practice in a comfortable natural environment, using the natural gaming interaction method: writing.

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Ready to learn math easily?

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